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Kategoria: dizajn/sztuka użytkowa
Wydawnictwo: PHAIDON
Numer ISBN: 978-1-83866-143-4
status dostępności: dostępna
cena: 75.00 zł 71.25 zł
produkt chwilowo niedostępny
Opis produktu:

Discover more than 500 of the most innovative, influential, and enduring products from the last five centuries in this revised and expanded, compact edition

Take an extraordinary journey through the objects that have improved our functionality, shaping our society and culture today. The Design Book presents iconic pieces by Le Corbusier, Philippe Starck, the Eames, and Apple, alongside classic objects such as the paper clip, the hurricane lantern, and the martini glass. Each entry pairs an image with a descriptive caption, providing accessible information about the product, designer, manufacturer, and history.

This new, mini edition features 30 new products, expertly selected and curated from the last 15 years.

Praise for the original edition:
"Phaidon seems to have pulled off the rare trick of creating something accessible and wide-ranging, but genuinely interesting and informative too." ?Design Week

Oprawa: Twarda
Format: 12.5x17.0cm
Liczba stron: 544
Rok wydania: 2020
Język wydania: angielski


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