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Kategoria: fotografia
Numer ISBN: 978-3-8296-087-9
status dostępności: dostępna
cena: 149.00 zł 141.55 zł
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Newton’s collection of portraits from the worlds of film, fashion, politics and culture can be considered a pantheon of VIP’s. But his work is a lot more besides. From his portraits, one can see that he would have most liked to be a Roman paparazzo – as he once admitted. Anyone who had a portrait made by him knew what the result would be, and by the 1980’s there were absolutely no ‘beautiful people’ in this world who did not want to be photographed by him! In front of his camera, both men and women peeled off their covers – literally as well as figuratively. His brilliant staged creations celebrate the attractiveness and prominence of his models as well as their vanity and imperfections. Newton’s top-quality work for major fashion journals and elitist art magazines is likewise first-class erotic art. This collection was first published by us in 1985.

Helmut Newton was born in Berlin in 1920. He has lived in Singapore, Australia, London, and Paris and has photographed extensively for Australian, French, Italian and American Vogue, as well as for Elle, Marie Claire, Playboy, Vanity Fair and Stern. He has published numerous books and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He currently lives and works in Monte Carlo.

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