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Numer ISBN: 2058-7465
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 ART GAMES & PLAYFULLNESS / ART IN EVERYDAY LIFE / EROTICS OF ART / ART FOR ALL / INTERACTIVE ART are just some of the buzzwords which became our inspiration while creating the issue. In our articles you will find examples of art intended for a wide public, whose reception is dependent on a physical and emotional interaction with the audience. We will try to prove that art can be a democratic sphere in which everyone can be included, regardless of their origin or educational background. We will show that art can inspire you in your everyday life, that it can be attractive or even sexy. You will see that art is often present in your everyday life, you just may not realise it.

We talk to prominent artists — Gilbert & George and Martin Parr. We also present the works of young artists — Alicja Bielawska and Mariusz Tarkawian. We discuss how artists are depicted in movies and how they present themselves on social media. We reflect on the fine line between a private statement and an artistic creation, for example on Instagram. Our topics also include comic books and a new wave of fashion photography. We introduce you to celebrities who combine their acting and music career, with their private life filled with art. We would like to remind all of you that subjective opinions, personal perspectives and first impressions are immensely important when encountering art. It is a pity that we are often ashamed of simply enjoying art. Taking this aspect into account we wanted to give back to you the joy of real contact with art. This is why we have included a ‘Play Zone’. To move you back to the happy days of your childhood and learn about contemporary art, try to solve a crossword designed by Maciej Skobel and play with a water tattoos by Jakub Woynarowski.

The cover by Marta Antoniak

Our cover created by the visual artist Marta Antoniak, invites you to engage in a game. Inside each issue you can find the sticker set. Create your own version and discover two unique works by Marta — both from the serie Plastonomicon which are the reprints from the artist’s scratch book.

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